Philippe Mars, divorced father of two and IT specialist, feels cramped by his daily grind and swamped by the world around him: his overambitious teenage daughter, his pubescent son who has decided to go vegetarian, his TV journalist ex-wife, his domineering painter sister, his elderly neighbour who’s mentally stuck in the 1970s, his parents who died in a car crash, his falsely laid-back boss…. They all seem to have ganged up to make his world more complicated. When Jérôme, an infectiously insane co-worker, gatecrashes Philippe’s life, it veers completely out of control.

Russian release
France, Belgium
Dominik Moll
Main stars
François Damiens, Vincent Macaigne, Veerle Baetens, Jeanne Guittet, Tom Rivoire, Michel Aumont, Catherine Samie
Festival background
Berlinale 66 Hors-Competition